CASA Notes

Update: The blog is back in business! We didn’t post for session 1, but we will from now on. In addition to the blog, you can find daily updates, as well as pictures of campers’ work, on our Instagram or Facebook @casaatsheridan.


CASA Today – 8/4/2021


CLK 3:

Campers today tie dyed shirts, glued corn, beans, and lentils to make art, and made mini “oceans” with plates.

Dance 2:

Throughout this session, Dance 2 has learned about both modern and hip hop dance. Right now, campers are finalizing their choreography for two songs: “How You Like That” by BLACKPINK and “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish – the routine for which is longer and more complex than the other songs. In addition to dancing, campers also do yoga in the morning to warm up.

CASA Today – 8/2/2021


Animation & Cartooning:

Last week, Animation and Cartooning made digital art with the mobile app Procreate, made a phenakistiscope (similar to a zoetrope), hand drew flipbook-style animations, and made stop motion films with clay. Today, they painted comics with watercolors, made bookmarks, created animations, and made digital art.

Art 2:

In addition to painting, drawing, and making collages and origami sculptures, campers today finished up their self portrait collages. Their collages, featuring wildlife and flowers, were inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting, “Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird.” Campers in Art 2 are also working on their collages from last week, which are in the style of artist Alma Thomas. Additionally, campers today started on a new project: self portraits inspired by Picasso’s work.

Dance 1:

This session, campers have been working on dances in four categories: modern, hip hop, yoga, and silly. Today, they performed them all in a mashup:

Tomorrow, campers will film their dance routine for the arts festival, and they will put on a live performance to a few other CASA classes on Wednesday. For Thursday and Friday, campers will take part in fun activities to celebrate their routine’s completion.

Mad Science & Magic:

Campers today played with dry ice, tried on costumes, filmed a skit for the One O’Show, and, of course, played Dungeons and Dragons.

CASA Today – 7/30/2021


Field Day:

Today was field day! Campers participated in a bunch of activities, including paintball, shoe toss, a photo challenge, and an escape room. For paintball, campers threw balls filled with paint, which popped on impact, at pieces of paper. Campers were awarded one point if they hit the paper, and two if they hit a drawing on the paper. For shoe toss, campers stood on chairs and threw shoes at a plastic jug a few feet away – attempting to knock it over. For the photo challenge, campers were given a bunch of prompts (like distance, warped perspective, movie reenactment, and fight), and had to take photos at different locations around the playground following those themes. The first team to finish was awarded points. Finally, for the escape room, campers had to look around a room for clues to guess the passcode that would allow them to leave. After popping balloons filled with letters, finding easter eggs, and uncovering invisible ink, campers guessed the correct password: potter. The first team to escape won. At the end of the day, all the points from each activity were tallied to find a winner. The “movies” team won!

CASA Today – 7/28/2021


Fashion & Design:

Earlier this session, campers drew clothes for dolls to wear and then sewed them, made fabric bowls by gluing fabric to balloons and popping them, embroidered designs, and made friendship bracelets and rings. Today, they worked on designing and sewing clothes and accessories for each other to wear – from dresses to gloves – and tomorrow they will show off their completed outfits.

Campers began today with knitting and creating wearable art. They then practiced sewing and made fiber art. In between classes, campers play games, which include poison dart frog, alibi, musical chairs, freeze dance, and board games. For more information on what campers have done in Fashion and Design, see here.

Minecraft & Robotics 1:

Throughout this session, campers have developed their coding skills as they learned about loops, ways of manipulating motor speed, and ways to see and control the numeric outputs of each robotic component. With these skills, campers have built robots that can automatically shoot darts, and which can be controlled both with a predetermined route and in real time with a joystick. Now that their robots are fully built, campers have been playing around with them and having robot battles. To see what campers did last week, click here.

Ceramics & Art 1:

Every day, campers work with clay to create cups, animals, flowers, and more. Recently, they played with oobleck, a mixture similar to both slime and clay that dries over time. Additionally, campers have colored in illustrations and drawn, and today they created “Save Our Oceans” posters to hang up around the school, which raise awareness about waste and its impact on our waters.

CASA Today – 7/27/2021



Campers planted sunflower and nasturtium seeds last week, and today campers watered their plants and others from session 1, which include tomatoes and cucumbers. CLK Gardening also assists Gardening campers in taking care of the plants. As this week progresses, campers will plant more flowers and vegetables.

When campers aren’t planting, they play games and go on nature walks. Specifically, in the mornings campers have walked along Rock Creek’s Soapstone Valley Trail. Additionally, around 10:30 campers typically go on walks around the neighborhood to pick up trash.

Fun on the field:

Campers held a fencing tournament in the gaga pit and played kickball on the field.

Art 1:

Campers made nicho boxes, self portraits, people out of clay, articulated paper dolls, woven llamas, and custom prints last week. Today, they worked on finishing up those projects and painting their dried clay. See below for more information on these projects, or click here.

For the nicho box project, campers took a cardboard box, glued cardboard strips on the inside to form rows, and then decorated each row with shells, recycled materials, and pieces of trash and nature they picked up from the ground. To make their self portraits, campers traced their hands and feet, and then filled in the rest of their body to create the illusion of falling backward into space.

For the clay project, campers made six faces out of clay. Today they painted their clay figurines, and once dried each face will be glued to a board. To make articulated paper dolls, campers made each body part of their person or animal and cut them out separately – with a paper for each arm, each leg, the torso, and the head. A hole was punched at each joint where body parts conjoin, and a pin put in the hole so each limb could move independently.

For the woven llama project, campers decorated cardboard cutouts of llamas by weaving string and gluing beads. To make their prints, campers carved designs into linoleum, rolled on paint, and pressed the linoleum onto blank paper.

CASA Today – 7/26/2021


Ceramics Workshop:

This week, campers are making slab pottery, and last week they made pinch pots. As part of their slab pottery, campers today made luminaries – pressing cool designs into flat pieces of clay. The pieces of clay will be assembled together to form rectangular containers, a candle will go inside each one, and light will shine through the designs in the clay. Pictured are campers working on their luminaries, as well as campers’ work from last week. The pieces made with white clay were produced by pouring liquid clay into a mold, while the others are hand sculpted.

Dance 1:

Campers this session are working on dances in four genres: yoga, modern, silly time, and hip hop. Every day campers learn new yoga poses, and for the yoga genre campers add on their favorite poses to construct original choreography for their songs. For the modern genre, campers are dancing to “Feel the Light” from the film “Home.” For silly time, they are dancing to “Like the Zombies Do” from the musical “Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2.” For hiphop, they are working on mixing hip-hop-inspired choreography to a mashup of songs: “Happy,” “Kings & Queens,” and “Good To Be Alive.”

In between choreographing moves, campers play games, including “Freeze Dance” and “Dancer Says.” Below are pictures of campers dancing to “Feel the Light.”

Art 2:

Today, campers began the day with creating 2D art, painting, drawing, and making fortune tellers. They then started on a new project inspired by the work of Alma Thomas, an artist from DC known for her mosaics. For the project, campers drew a shape on their papers and then glued different colored tissue paper inside of it, creating a collage. Their method was meticulous: one piece at a time, campers dipped their pencil eraser into glue, secured tissue paper to the eraser, dipped the tissue paper in glue, and placed it down on their paper. Pictured are campers working on this project and showing off other pieces they made earlier this week.

(Earlier this week, campers drew self portraits, drew 2D illusions, and made name sculptures – cutting out pieces of paper in the shapes of letters of their name and then gluing them together.)

CASA Today – 7/22/2021


Art 1:

Today, campers wove miniature rugs, drew comic strips, created a blueprint for their ideal Minecraft world, and made portraits with Model Magic clay. The backs of the portraits are flat so they can be affixed to a board, and the campers were challenged to make their portraits as detailed as possible – with each face displaying different expressions. Each Friday, campers will finish their uncompleted works and paint their clay creations.

Earlier this week, campers wove and glued designs onto cardboard llamas, carved linoleum to design prints, drew 2D portraits of themselves, and built their dream houses from paper.

The idea to make houses from paper was inspired by architect Frank Gehry, whose unique buildings appear distorted and sport nicknames like the “crumpled paper bag.”

To draw their 2D portraits, campers traced their feet and hands, and then filled in the rest of their body to create the illusion of falling into space. Each camper is falling into a different location, and locations include quicksand, rainbows, and castles.

Ceramics & Art 2:

Today, campers wove paper to create cool patterns, first going in with thick pieces, and then layering colorful thin ones on top. Additionally, today campers filmed stop motion shorts. The characters in their films are clay figurines sculpted and painted by themselves earlier this week.

In addition to creating figurines, campers made clay beads, self portraits from plaster, sculptures from recycled materials like cardboard, and Harry Potter-themed art. The self portraits and Harry Potter sculptures will be painted tomorrow, and campers will also make their own clay from scratch using two methods: one which involves mixing flour, salt, and water, and the other which repurposes recycled paper.

CASA Today – 7/21/2021


Ceramics & Art 1:

Today, campers made top hats by sticking bits of newspaper together. On Monday, they made masks and, yesterday, kites. As their final project at the end of this session, campers will create a stop motion film starring figurines and sets they create.

Minecraft & Robotics 2:


In Minecraft and Robotics 2, campers are building in the same Minecraft world to construct a city. Each camper has built themself a house, and attractions in the world include a roller coaster, treehouse, underground train depot, diamond throne, nether beacon, archery range, pool, and base hidden inside a cliff. Campers plan to build a villager marketplace so they can trade.

In Minecraft and Robotics, campers are building in the same Minecraft world to create a city. Each camper has built themselves a house, and attractions in the world include a treehouse, underground train depot, diamond throne, nether beacon, archery range, pool, and base hidden inside a cliff. Campers plan to build a villager marketplace so they can trade.


On Monday, campers were tasked with building the fastest and most stable motorized lego cars. They learned some code so they could race their cars in the morning today, as well as how to build basic robotic mechanisms.

Mad Science & Magic:

Campers played the game “Munchkin.” Afterward, they put together s’mores, baked them on the car roof of Mad Science & Magic counsellor Jimmy, and ate their creations. They also played Dungeons and Dragons on the playground.

On Monday, campers played “One Night Werewolf,” yesterday they made slime, and tomorrow they will make huge bubbles, using a special blend of solution. Additionally, on Friday campers will send soda rockets to space, launching them with mentos as fuel.

Dance 2:

In Dance 2, campers are introduced to one or two new songs each week, practicing a choreographed dance routine to each song. As new songs are introduced, campers will continue to work on prior dance routines.

This week, campers are working on dancing to the song “How You Like That” by Blackpink. Right now, they’re practicing the song at partial speed – syncing their moves to a video of the dance, and then memorizing it and performing with just the music. As campers become more familiar with the song, the speed will also be increased. Campers are working to have the majority of the dance down by Friday. Because campers’ dancing experience vary, choreography has to balance relative simplicity with fast-paced pop.

Campers also started working on “NASA” by Ariana Grande in the morning today, and next week, as they review the two dance routines, campers will work on a third.

In addition to working on dance routines, campers have shown off their moves to the tunes of Just Dance videos, performing “Fireworks,” “Rain On Me,” and “Kill This Love,” among others.

Earlier today, campers played musical chairs in addition to their warm ups and stretches. In the afternoon, they got time to play games, draw, and do whatever they wanted to. Every day ends with a yoga session so campers can wind down and relax.

CASA Today – 7/20/2021


Cartooning & Animation:

Today, campers began by sketching their answer to a prompt: what did you do yesterday? Below is a 3-panel comic made by Simon detailing his routine yesterday, which consisted of waking up, skateboarding, and then going back to sleep:

Over the course of this session, campers will hand draw comics, create cartoons and digital art using the app Procreate, and make cartoons using Flipaclip.

Fashion & Design:

Campers today started off by playing the game Heads Up 7 Up. They then picked up from where they left off yesterday, making circle looms. As they made looms, campers listened to music and guessed the songs’ names, artists, and musicals.

Isabelle shows the loom she made.

During this session, Fashion and Design campers will learn to knit, crochet, and sew to make crochet chains, wearable art, top hats, friendship bracelets, rings, necklaces, baskets, bags, pillows, and stuffed animals. They will use balloons to make lamp shades, and learn about fiber art so they can make bowls.


Campers watched advertisements and news broadcasts produced by Video last year, and then figured out what roles they wanted to play for the episode of CASA TV they will make (correspondent, news anchor, camera/microphone/clapperboard operator, etc). Campers also learned about how some of the equipment they will use works, and how it should be handled. This session, campers will spend a week filming their commercials, and another filming a news segment for CASA TV that will include fictional stories they come up with.

Campers in Video then had a brief lesson on how to use the Mac video editing program Final Cut Pro X. To practice, campers filmed themselves in three different poses, using various built-in filters and pausing in between each pose, and then cutting out the pauses and splicing the poses together in Final Cut. Tomorrow, campers will talk more about the components that go into an “As Seen on TV” commercial to prepare for when they make one.

CASA Today – 7/19/2021


Ceramics Workshop:

Every day in Ceramics Workshop, campers will begin by journaling, writing and drawing about a given prompt. Today, the prompt was what animal campers would like to be. After they journaled, campers went over the rules and expectations for Ceramics, and then played a couple games of Scattergories.

After Scattergories, campers went over the tools and materials they will use this session: red clay, different glazes, paint brushes, rolling pins, texture pins, needle tools, scratchers, pottery wheels, cookie cutters, carving tools, and clay molds. Then, campers customized their messy mats (pieces of paper they will use to cover the table when working).

Additionally, campers read and watched the beginning of “The Great Pottery Throwdown” – a pottery-based adaptation of the cooking show “The Great British Bake Off.”

Minecraft & Robotics:

In Robotics, campers assembled their own robots, building lego structures onto an electric motor. They then coded with Lego Boost, an iPad app that connects to the robot and allows campers to code using a series of blocks they snap together. Since they were just getting started, campers used more basic blocks – with commands such as go forward and backward, turn right or left 90 degrees. However, as campers coded, they were introduced to other commands, such as sounds the robot could make.

Starting tomorrow and continuing over the course of the week, campers will learn about conditional (if then else) statements, as well as customizing motor speed and degrees of rotation. They will take part in challenges, such as obstacle courses and, potentially, games of capture the flag. Ultimately, campers will learn how to program robots to avoid obstacles and automate steering. Additionally, they will learn how to control their robot in real time with a joystick, which they will code themselves, rather than relying on predetermined code.

CASA Crossword!

In honor of National Crossword Puzzle Day (Dec 21), we have a CASA-themed crossword! Good luck!

Across ➡️

  1. A feeling inspired by CASA’s classes. (Hint: It begins with “CR” and ends with “TY”)
  1. The platform CASA took place on last summer. You may also have to use it for school.
  1. A necessary evil. The thing your counselors make you slather on before going outside.
  1. A class in which campers record the news.

Down ⬇️

  1. Cool teenagers who help and look after campers.
  1. The name for the group that CASA campers meet in.
  1. An adjective that best describes CASA. (Hint: It rhymes with “sun”)
  1. People who you meet at CASA.

Conclusion 💡

Your favorite camp is _______.

Answer: CASA at Sheridan!